What is ActiveLinxx?

ActiveLinxx is a computerized exercise tracking system that is attached to each weight machine on the fitness floor. Each time you log onto the system, it will display your programmed weight settings, count your repetitions, and guide you through the correct motion. It then records and stores each exercise and will convert this information into creative formats that easily show your fitness progress. The system can capture virtually all of your physical activity by allowing you to enter all types of exercise, from our machines on the fitness floor to your weekend gardening.

How does ActiveLinxx work?

The "training partner" is attached to each strength training machine and serves as your ‘virtual partner' - no more guesswork, no more workout cards. For each exercise, it remembers your correct seat position, counts your sets and repetitions, and monitors your speed and range of motion.

At the "Kiosk," you log in with your personal identification number (PIN), preview your prescribed workout, and read personal messages from your fitness instructor. You can also review your workout history in easy-to-read charts and graphs and log workouts you've performed while away from FoxCare Fitness.

What are the benefits of using ActiveLinxx?

  1. Feedback: The Training Partner guides you through each exercise to ensure you are using proper form - no more guesswork, no workout cards.
  2. Success with your exercise program: With ActiveLinxx, you have a 'virtual' workout partner at FoxCare Fitness. Combined with coaching and monitoring by your fitness instructor, you have a complete support system geared toward your success.
  3. Easily track your progress: Any exercise done on equipment linked to the ActiveLinxx System is automatically recorded. ActiveLinxx archives each of your workout sessions and tracks your progress toward reaching your established goals.

How can I use ActiveLinxx at home?

Sign onto ActiveLinxx On-line - - If you perform a workout or exercise away from FoxCare Fitness, you can log that workout on the web with ActiveLinxx On-line, making it part of your permanent workout record. With ActiveLinxx On-line, you can also create customized charts and graphs of your progress - and compare your results to other ActiveLinxx users in FoxCare Fitness and worldwide.

How do I sign up for ActiveLinxx at FoxCare Fitness?

It only takes one session with a fitness instructor to get registered on the ActiveLinxx System. See a fitness coach or the Front Desk today! Visit ActiveLinxx and learn more!