At FoxCare Fitness we try to make your exercise experience as convenient and fun as possible. Check out the "extras" offered every day!

Towel Rental:

Let us do the laundry! Fresh "Big & Fluffy" towels can be rented daily; the fee is $2.00 per towel. Inquire at the Front Desk.

Full Locker Room Facilities:

Our locker rooms are some of the nicest you'll ever see in a fitness center. And these aren't just a place to drop your things. Our locker rooms provide:

  • daily or monthly use of lockers
  • hair dryers
  • a dry sauna in each locker room
  • direct access to the Aquatic area

Locker rental: Lockers are available for storage by the day or by the month.

  • Daily use lockers are free of charge. We welcome you to use these lockers for the time that you are exercising, but keep in mind that items in these lockers must be removed at the end of your workout. We recommend you bring your own lock as we are not responsible for items left in our locker rooms.
  • Monthly lockers: For long time and convenient storage, we do offer lockers for rent by the month. Issued at the Front Desk, these lockers include a pre-set combination lock!

(While we are proud of our safe and secure facility, we do not claim responsibility for lost or stolen items - we recommend that you secure all of your belongings when not in the immediate area)

Family Changing Area:

Our Family Changing area is available to our members who may need assistance when using the dressing or shower facilities. This large dressing area includes a toilet, shower, and locker facilities and can comfortably accommodate two people. We welcome our families to take advantage of this area; however, we also we ask that you inquire at the Front Desk prior to using the Family Changing Area.

Lost and Found:

Please inquire about Lost and Found items at the Front Desk. Articles left in Lost and Found are kept for a minimum of 30 days. Any unclaimed articles are donated to local charities.