Massage Therapy

A trained and caring touch can have profound effects on your physical, mental, and emotional states. FoxCare Fitness' Massage Therapists are licensed professionals trained in the art of therapeutic massage. Each is dedicated to the belief that hands-on therapy can reduce soreness and pain, and facilitate the body's own healing powers. Different therapeutic modalities may be incorporated into the session based on the client's needs.

Our Massage Therapists offer a 1/2-hour therapeutic massage for $35.00, 45-minute therapeutic massage for $45.00, a one-hour therapeutic massage for $60.00, or a 90-minute therapeutic massage for $75.00. Call 607.431.5454 to make an appointment.

Massage Services

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage offers a combination of techniques to provide deep lasting muscle work that will promote healing and repair of body.


Reflexology is a technique done on hands or feet, using acupressure points to release blocked energy and heal the body through stimulation of organs and specific areas of the body.

Sports Flush

Sports flush is a fast paced light massage, targeting the lymphatic system to release and flush built-up toxins. Great for athletes and persons in training.