Personal Training

Our Personal Trainers will provide you with a unique opportunity to get started in the right direction - or push you to your next level! The staff will help you sort through and understand the enormous amount of information available today about health, exercise, and nutrition - and we develop each fitness program (on land or in the water) to match your individual needs with your desired goals. Our programs combine quality instruction with user-friendly education - a combination that will result in a practical, efficient, and safe exercise experience.

Each FoxCare Fitness Personal Trainer has undergone focused education in the exercise field and combines this education with practical experience to provide you with a personalized fitness plan. We incorporate motivation, exercise creativity, goal setting, and exercise safety to enhance your FoxCare Fitness experience.

Both land-based and aquatic personal training packages are customized to your needs. We offer 1, 3, 5, 10, and 20 session individual packages as well as tandem sessions. You and your trainer will work out a schedule that fits your needs and will modify that schedule to accommodate these needs as they change.

We take fitness personally

We believe that fitness, just like healthcare, should be customized to each individual's needs, which is why every member receives a free personal fitness assessment and one hour of personal training. Based on your assessment results and your goals, we can identify areas in which you need to improve and make sure you are progressing safely and effectively.


Meet Our Trainers